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a Nomad in Two Worlds
by Ahmed Kemil, Mary Fallon, Doug Fallon

Ahmed Kemil is a Tuareg nomad from Niger, Africa. In the first half of the book, Ahmed tells us riveting stories of his life growing up in the Sahara desert. By a turn of fate, he travels to America. In the second half of the book, Ahmed describes his surprising experiences in this completely different world.
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Understand Money and Become Wealthy
E. Adam Honea

There are four things you can do with money: spend it, save it, invest it, and give it away. Understanding all four of these things can make you wealthy.
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Understand Math from counting to calculus
E. Adam Honea

This book is for anyone who wants to understand math better. By presenting math as patterns, the book provides insights into counting, adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing, fractions, decimals, geometry, trigonometry, algebra, graphs and calculus.
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A Vase of Stones
by E. Adam Honea

A simple journey by a young couple provides deeper and deeper lessons. An allegory built from beautiful photos, philosophical sayings, Zen and Taoist stories.
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Child and Family Advocacy
by Steven R. Isham

Child and Family Advocacy is a road map to help you help your child. Included are laws you need to know, parental rights, navigating the juvenile justice system, conflict resolution, advocacy plans, funding issues, and extensive resources for additional support.
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To Your Journey: 40 Clues to Self-Actualization
by Admad Daniels, M.Ed.
For African America and beyond. Forty short, pithy homilies, coupled with penetrating questions and insightful exercises on each topic, create an environment for personal and cultural change throughout a society much in need of improved self-understanding and universal acceptance of the diversity and uniqueness of being that IS the human experience.
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Malak's Wild World: Alone in Africa
a children's travel adventure by Marla Kelsey

Malak and his pet lizard, Blink, decide to play hide-and-seek and end up in Africa where Malak's grandfather is on a photo safari. The book skillfully combines cartoon drawings and photographs of African wildlife.
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Contributing Authors

Ahmed Kemil is a Tuareg nomad from Niger, Africa. Co-authors, Mary Fallon and Doug Fallon, are educators.

E. Adam Honea, Ph.D., is an educator, geologist and researcher. The author is pictured in the countryside of Yangshuo, China.

Marla Kelsey, Ed.D., is an educator, traveler and photographer. Marla is pictured in a Maasai village near the Serengeti National Park, Tanzania, Africa.

Steven R. Isham, MA, CBS, is an educator and has dedicated much of his life to the protection, defense, and successful advocacy of children in need and families in stress.
Ahmad Daniels, M.Ed., is a professional presenter, transformation facilitator, and life coach with over twenty years experience in establishing and conducting community outreach programs, diversity trainings, and academic courses in African American History.


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